Whether you’ve been home all these long months, or you’re just starting to, combatting your quarantine boredom can seem daunting. However, we’re here to tell you that there are times for rest, and times to pick up a book or utensil and get to learning. Often times what may seem like a boring time at home can be transformed into comfortable times at home while still learning something new. So instead of watching yet another show on tv, combat your quarantine boredom by following these three tips:

Buongiorno! Learn a new language!

Learn/Practice a new Language: As we’re stuck inside dreaming of the next time we can travel somewhere far off where we may not even speak the language- we may be able to. Let’s say your dream is to fly to Rome, take this time to practice as much Italian as you can! There are so many free and easy ways to learn. For example, there are apps, videos, and even podcasts that are free to you. If you already have a Spotify account, there are podcasts designed to teach you a new language.

One of our favorite apps is Duolingo. This app has a wide array of languages and ways to learn through fun and interactive lessons. One of their quick slogans is, What can 15 minutes of social media do for you? When you can practice and learn a language in 15 minutes. Another cool thing about Duolingo is that if you are already familiar with a language, for example, Spanish, it’ll test you and see where you stand. Therefore, you don’t need to start from scratch.

Practicing a language can be the best way to get your brain moving and helping yourself feel good. Combat your quarantine boredom by doing things you’ve always wanted to do, but never had time to do!

Become a bookworm:

Spend your time reading and discovering new books: One of the BEST ways to get rid of quarantine boredom AND screen fatigue, is to read. Yes, we know reading isn’t for everyone, but we promise that there are so many ways to get your reading on. For example, now we have audiobooks. Audiobooks are perfect for those of you who want to read, without needed to have your nose buried in a book all day long. Pop on an audiobook while you do chores or housework. You can listen to the story or read along with the book. Most music-based apps such as Spotify have audiobooks for free.

You can also borrow books from your local library with an easy app called Libby. This app allows you to check out books and read them on your kindle, phone, or tablet. You can read from the comfort of almost anywhere without needed to leave your house to either check out or return a book. The app will do it for you!

The best part about reading is that you can feel transported to another setting, world, or even dimension. Why not get rid of quarantine boredom in one of the best ways possible for your mental health, and brain health.

Bon Apetit!

Learn new recipes and practice your cooking skills: So this one may have become SUPER popular during the start of the pandemic, but perhaps by now it’s declined. Maybe you never got into cooking, but we assure you it’s one of the BEST ways to kill quarantine boredom. Not only do you get to work your hands and make awesome results, but you get to eat it too!

There are so many youtube videos and channels that can show you how to cook whatever your heart desires. Whether it be sweets, turkeys, bread, or even vegan meals, the internet has it all. There are even fun videos on apps like TikTok that are short and sweet.

We guarantee that cooking can be a stress reliever, and can occupy your free,  dull time. Why stay miserable in your quarantine boredom when you can go out, buy fresh ingredients and make a delicious meal. We know that cooking takes time and effort, but we already have one of those factors at our disposal.

You can also make it a family affair and involve the entire family! What better way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon than by including the whole family with dinner. The meals do not have to be intricate, but wholesome and perfect for your family.


We know that it’s been a long, hard year stuck in quarantine. However, we also know that it’s never too late to combat quarantine boredom in a fun, healthy, productive way. Remember that we are staying home to keep others healthy, and meanwhile we await the vaccine, we should try our best to have happy hobbies.

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