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Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ has a large network of tax professionals who know the tax code and specialize in strategic tax planning. Our tax experts are licensed enrolled agents who have a high understanding of the U.S. tax laws. We are licensed to operate in all 50 states and our national outlook makes us ideal for businesses that operate in different states or those that are looking to grow their businesses.

We have helped business reduce their tax burdens and earn more income and if you are overburdened by the taxes that you are paying, get in touch and let’s discuss ways to make your business more tax-efficient through strategic tax planning.

Why Strategic Tax Planning is something you are not likely to receive from your CPA?

  • Accountants understand just a small portion of the tax code. Rather than being focused on the future, their interest is in historical record keeping. Some may offer reactive business tax advice but most hardly understand how to strategically use the tax code to realize more savings for your business.

  • Most CPAs are not flexible and open to change. They are great for plugging in the numbers and maintaining the books but most hardly factor your business’ short term and long-term goals in their operations. Strategic tax advisors should factor in the business owner’s lifestyle, spending habits and personal as well as business goals to develop an effective tax plan.

  • Small business tax accountants are quite cautious. The tax code contains more than 70,000 pages of tax green lights but your regular CPA only concentrates on about 5 pages of red lights to ensure that your business is not flagged by the IRS. The tax code is meant to be used and not feared and an experienced tax specialist will make use of the code to reduce the amount you need to pay in taxes and to help you retain more of the income from your business.

Our Approach

Do you keep getting bad news every tax season? Are you paying more taxes than you need to? If that’s the case, then you need targeted and hard-hitting taxation strategies that will help you reduce the taxes you pay to the IRS and preserve your wealth. At Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™, we have a unique taxation skill set and industry experience that helps us find loopholes in the tax code that result in big savings to our clients at the end of the year.

Our corporate tax planning services provide businesses with custom tax strategies that offer them competitive advantage by reducing their business costs and raising their profit margins and shareholder value.

At Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™, we listen to you. We understand that every business and industry is different and that is why we take the time to understand your business, your priorities, and goals. This is more comprehensive than what traditional tax planning services offer since we employ deep examination tactics that help us find out more about your business. We perform this deep analysis so as to know how to serve you best. Our goal is to optimize your business’ tax efficiency while respecting your risk tolerance.

We will analyze your financial statements, tax returns, current federal tax plan, and employee information. Even when you have complied with all tax laws and avoided an audit, questions still remain of whether your tax burden could have been lower. Yes, it could be lower and our tax experts who understand your business will use your data to craft a strategic tax plan that will see you pay lower taxes.

We don’t just stop with the customized tax plan. We purpose to establish relationships with our esteemed clients so as to help them deal with changing tax laws. When the laws change so will our tax strategy for your business and this will ensure that your business is not exposed to the risks of using outdated tax principles.


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