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Accurate and timely tax and accounting information and financial services are a necessity for any successful business or personal financial situation. Let the Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc. team provide you with the comprehensive services that will help you achieve your financial objectives.

We offer a full range of services with the expertise you require. When you work with Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc., you’ll benefit from a firm with the highest quality and most up-to-date expertise plus the friendly, local service that has contributed to the success of our clients for years.

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Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ is not your average tax agent whose main purpose is to sell you a business strategy or product. We exist to help business lower their taxes, improve their profit margins, and acquire greater wealth. So, how do we help business owners make greater tax savings and retain more of their capital? Through targeted Strategic Tax Planning Services.


More than 10 percent of Americans traded crypto in the last year — if you’re one of them, you’re probably wondering how your trades and other crypto activity will impact your taxes.


U.S. taxpayers are now required to report crypto sales, conversions, payments, and income to the IRS and state tax authorities. Moreover, each of these transactions has different tax implications.    

To determine if you owe taxes, look at how you used your crypto in the last year. Transactions that result in a tax are called taxable events. Those that don’t are called non-taxable events. 


Most businesses have office accountants or hire a bookkeeper to handle their books of accounts. At Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™, we know that accurate bookkeeping done on a consistent basis has a lot of advantages. Moreover, when it is done properly, it provides businesses with key insights that help business owners make informed decisions proactively.


At Karla Dennis And Associates Inc. ™, we are committed to offering professional tax preparation services in a personal and friendly manner. Through our personal approach, you can rely on us to provide you with the best tax prep services that are performed by experienced tax professionals who care about saving you and your business money. Our tax experts can identify valuable tax deductions and credits that will help you retain more of your hard earned money.


Someone said that money does not grow on trees but it could be hidden within the walls of buildings. We designed our cost segregation services with this in mind; to help individuals and companies find how much of their money is hidden within the walls of their properties so as reduce their tax obligations and to free up cash flow.


Most entrepreneurs dream of running a successful business. In most cases, the plan is usually to come up with an idea, start a business from the idea, get customers for your business, scale up quickly and make a lot of money.

But it doesn’t happen that easily in real life. Running a successful business is no easy task. It requires a lot of effort, without which, a business is likely to fail. However, with a well thought out plan, nothing is impossible. A well-executed plan will set your business up for success by providing you with a road map that you will follow as you build your business.


The IRS is quite thorough in its quest to determine the accuracy of tax returns filed by individuals and business entities. Flagged individuals and businesses have to comply with the auditor’s wishes and when they don’t, they get IRS audit penalties as a parting gift. Such audits take a lot of valuable company time from your business as you will have to collect a lot of records to substantiate each and every entry in your tax return. You will also have to develop a substantial understanding of tax laws for you to stand a chance against the mean auditors from the IRS but you will not have to go through all this trouble if you have experienced tax professionals on your side like those from Karla Dennis And Associates Inc. ™.


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