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Most entrepreneurs dream of running a successful business. In most cases, the plan is usually to come up with an idea, start a business from the idea, get customers for your business, scale up quickly and make a lot of money.

But it doesn’t happen that easily in real life. Running a successful business is no easy task. It requires a lot of effort, without which, a business is likely to fail. However, with a well thought out plan, nothing is impossible. A well-executed plan will set your business up for success by providing you with a road map that you will follow as you build your business.

For long-term business success, however, you need to lay a strong foundation for your business that will hold it together when things get tough. The stats on businesses failing in their formative years are quite worrying and you could be headed down this path if your business has not been set up on the right foundation.

You need proper accounting solutions to give your business a good foundation for future success and our Business Foundation Service will set you up for life.

We created this service to help small businesses manage the challenges of getting a business up and running. This service is also ideal for business owners who are considering a change of direction as it entails tips on how to handle the complexities of launching a new venture.

Your Dedicated Business Partner

How you handle your finances will determine whether your business will succeed or not. We have been in the financial industry for some time now and we have helped business soar by providing them with dedicated financial services. We guide and coach businesses owners on how to handle their finances so as to guarantee business success. The IRS is not your friend and they will pounce on you when they realize that your taxes are not in order. Our Business Foundation Service will provide you with financial education on how to deal with the IRS so as to avoid a visit by the taxman.

The focus of our Business Foundation Service is education as we believe it is the only way to prepare business owners for the hurdles that lay ahead. Running a business is not easy and no business owner should do it alone. By partnering with the right organizations like Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™, you set your business up for success and longevity. We have the experience to guide business owners as they lay the right foundations for their businesses. As part of our Business Foundation Service package, we will ensure that;

  • Your business is operating under the right structure.

  • Your accounting system is set up properly for effective business management.

  • You learn the right bookkeeping guidelines so as to make it easy for you to capture all your incomes, expenses, and to reduce your taxes.

  • You follow the right accounting guidelines so as to avoid getting audited by the IRS.


Sign up for our Business Foundation Service and let us set up your business for long-term success by laying the right foundation.


Our Business Foundation Services Packages Includes:

Guaranteed Success with Our Business Foundation Service

Our Business Foundation Service is designed to make sure that your business doesn’t become part of a statistic. With most businesses failing shortly after being launched because of poor planning, our Business Foundation Service sets up your business for success by giving it the foundation it needs to weather storms when it is still young.

When you choose us as a partner for your business, you can relax in the knowledge that you are getting business advice from a competent tax and accounting firm. You are also sure that you will get the best accounting system that will provide you with the right data for your management process.

Our tax and accounting experts are friendly and willing to assist you. Contact us today and together let us build a strong foundation for your business that will guarantee you long-term success.


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