Worried about how to have fun this fall season? Not sure how to have a socially distanced fall season? Have your kids or grandchildren been bored at home this whole quarantine? Even with summer in the rearview mirror, there are lots of opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy activities with family and friends (or others in your “bubble”). Here are 10 suggestions for fall fun that everyone in your crew—regardless of age—can enjoy.

10 socially distanced fall season tips:

  1. Host your own socially distanced fall season festival-Has the local fall festival been canceled? Then host your own in the backyard. Pumpkin bowling, relay races, candy treasure hunts, an apple cider and cookie booth, face painting, a fall craft contest with prizes…almost anything your town can dream up, you can do yourself—especially if the kids help with setup. You can even take this activity outside to a park or driveway!
  2. Take a short road trip -to see the changing colors—Pack a cooler with snacks, lunch and drinks, and stop along the way for a fall picnic or hike. Taking a road trip is the perfect way to get away in a safe, fun way for your family! And don’t forget the wipes in case of pit stops.
  3. Go apple picking—Check with your local apple orchard or cider mill to see if they’re offering safe apple picking or other activities. If there aren’t any apple orchards by your house, there may be pumpkin patches set up for the season? Get outside and have some fun this season that is both safe and festive!
  4. Have a tailgate party in your driveway—Even if your team’s not playing, put on your jersey, make some party snacks and play a game of catch in the backyard. Have your family sit around the front yard and enjoy a tailgate in the comfort of your own home.
  5. Visit a museum or two—Museums are open and keeping visitors safe with social distancing. Don’t hesitate to contact your local museum for information to see if it’s an option for you. The Arts are also something that is always being defunded, so do your best to support the Arts if you can.
  6. Fire it up for a socially distanced fall season bon fire!—Do you have a fire pit or grill? Head outdoors to grill hot dogs and make s’mores. Tell campfire stories to add to the fun. Many kids may miss their summer camps and other activities, but a nice evening at home with a some s’mores can really make this year memorable for them. It’s been a hard year, so it’s all about the little things we can do to make our lives more fun.
  7. Make rainy day plans—Gather in the house for a family game and puzzle marathon. Graze on snacks while you play anything from silly board and card games to jigsaw and word puzzles. Play classic parlor games with your kids, or help them build a fort! It’s all about being creative and fun!
  8. Decorate your home—Gather fall leaves, acorns, pinecones and other fall-ish things to decorate your porch or other spaces. Buy pumpkins, gourds and autumn-colored flowers to serve as the focal points of your displays.
  9. Go on a scavenger hunt—Google “Scavenger hunt ideas,” and you’ll find lots of ideas to help create a hunt in your neighborhood, local metropark or nature center. They’re fun whether you break into competing teams or search together.
  10. Visit a corn maze—There are few activities that so loudly shout, “It’s fall!” as winding your way through corridors of corn stalks. If you’ve never been before—and if you’re satisfied with the venue’s safety measures—you’ll likely enjoy the experience.

The days may be growing shorter, but even in this year of social distancing, there’s fun to be had by all. Make the most of this time and find ways to have a socially distanced fall season that is fun, festive, and memorable!