October 26th, 2022 

TOPIC: Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit


This guide will educate you on the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit.

If you have a child or someone disabled at home, you might be eligible to receive this amazing credit. 

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What Is Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit? 


Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit is a credit that helps you pay for the care of your children or other dependents. 

This credit is refundable, so you can still receive money from the IRS even if you owe zero in taxes.


So if you’re someone who doesn’t have time to watch over your dependents due to work this credit might be for you. 

This credit also applies to expenses incurred for hiring a janitor or other household services related to the dependent. 


How Do I Qualify For The Tax Credit? 


Here are the requirements to be eligible for the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit: 


  • You must pay someone to care for one or more qualifying dependents for you to work or look for work. 


  • Your spouse can claim the credit if you file a joint return. 


  • Your adjusted gross income must not be over $438,000.


  • If you are married, you must file a joint return to claim this credit (unless legally separated


  • You or your spouse must have earned income during the year to claim the credit. 


  • You must be working or looking for work while the child is being cared for. 


Who Is Considered a Dependent? 


To qualify for the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, you must hire a caretaker to care for your child or dependent. 

According to the IRS, a dependent is mentally or physically Ill and unable to take care of themselves. 


This means they cannot dress, clean, feed, or do other basic self-care activities. 

Other Services that could qualify for this credit are daycare, preschool, day camp, and after-school care.


How Much Credit Will I Receive? 


The amount of credit you will be able to receive is based on your income and the amount of money spent on dependent or child care.  


To determine your credit amount, you will add up your total amount of eligible care expenses. 

If your employer has already paid for any of the expenses, you will subtract that from your total. 


The maximum care expenses you can claim is $3,000 for one person or $6,000 if you have more than one dependent. 


You will then multiply your work-related expenses by a percentage. 


If your gross income is 125,000 or below your percentage is 50%. However, the percentage goes down as income rises. 

Use Form 2441 for detailed instructions on what percentage you can claim based on your adjusted gross income. 


How Do I Claim This Credit? 


You can claim the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit by filling out form 2441 and including the form with your federal tax return. 


You should also specify the length and nature of the disability your dependent or spouse has.  

You will also need to identify all the caretakers involved in caring for your child or dependent. 


You will need to provide their name, address, and taxpayer identification number to do this. 

You can use Form W-10 to request this information from your caretaker(s). 




Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit is a credit you can use to get help paying for a child or dependent care. 

You might be eligible for this credit if you use services like daycare, after-school care, or day camp. 

Suppose your dependent is eligible and you do not exceed the income limit. In that case, you can get thousands of dollars back into your pockets by claiming this credit. 


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