What is a second look tax review?  In the long history of taxes there exists a need to complete the process with the least amount of headaches and stress. However, in the race to complete our civic duty and file our taxes, we can overlook potential tax savings or make an error when reporting our income.

Because of changing tax code and in fairness to the taxpayer a second look tax review is something worth pursuing.  With all that goes in to your taxes there can be several reasons why a tax return might need to be reviewed.  And the biggest reason is simply that errors happen from time to time.  And it is important to be able to rectify such an oversight in order to pay the appropriate taxes. But what if there are in fact some other reasons for wanting to take a second look at your taxes? What then are the resources available?

The answer is simple. It has been discovered that a free second look is just what the doctor ordered.  Let us take a close look at any another reason why a second tax review is necessary: One legitimate reason may be filing too early.

This happens to the best of us. We file our taxes early expecting a nice big tax return, and consequently, after the filing, realize that we have not yet received a w-2, 1099, or other important tax document.  So what to do? Simple: Have a tax professional take a look, make an adjustment, and re-file on your behalf.

This necessity arises more often than one might envision.  For this reason it is very valuable to have a certified, experienced tax professional available for your unexpected, ever-changing tax needs.

It may not be in your best interest to return to the same tax preparer if this was not caught in the first place though.  Submitting the proper tax information is very important and if not handled correctly the first time it may be time to find someone with experience and your best interest in mind.

To err is human and having a second look tax review certainly provides a big sigh of relief for some.  At Cohesive Tax we are well equipped to cover all of your needs.  If you have your doubts about previously filed taxes for any of the last three years, feel free to go to our second look tax review site and request a free review of your taxes and let us rectify any errors and find new ways to save and return you even more money.