Lots of people don’t like the thought of paying taxes plus some even believe they may be taxed on virtually everything. In their thoughts, April is going to be the most dreaded month in the season as a result of tax filing. It is also a reminder about the tax debt that some may owe for the IRS which they may have forgotten throughout the year.  Does this sound like you? Do you owe money to the IRS? Are you currently hoping that the next decade will pass by and the IRS will wipe out your financial troubles?  This may not be the wisest choice given you will be carrying this burden for the next ten years. You may be better off getting aid from tax relief specialists.

A tax relief specialist could advise you and your family on the various possibilities and help you pick one that might assist you to pay back your outstanding balance. One of numerous options you may wish to consider is tax relief settlement. This could be achieved by using an OIC out of your IRS. OIC implies Offer-in-Compromise and it is also an option by which the IRS might help you lessen the amount you owe to them. It is similar to the IRS giving you a reduction with the idea that they will be able to get back most of their money.

Given the number of tax laws these days there is no surprise that tax relief specialists are available to help.  They will be the kind of people who have the qualification and expertise to help you navigate the complicated process of seeking tax relief. Tax specialists include attorneys, licensed agents and individuals authorized by the IRS.  It may be in your best interest to compare all of these different specialists to find the right one for you.

The OIC application method can be extremely complicated and tedious as you’ll need to fill up several forms, submit a lot of supporting documents and speak with many of the IRS officers.  For you it would be best to be able to leave these concerns on the desk of a tax relief specialist. Basically, you will have to prove to the government that you truly cannot pay this significant amount and you could only afford a certain amount. Once an agreement is reached about the balance you may then elect to pay utilizing a 1 time payment or even a monthly installment payment. A monthly installment plan is not always accessible under the OIC.

Should you not be able to afford a lump sum payment on the balance you owe but have the capability to create some monthly payments, you may wish to apply directly with all the IRS to get a monthly installment plan. You will be properly on your path to debt tax freedom. And it would ask you to only fill up a form and submit some documents. The process is easier than an OIC given that it doesn’t involve obtaining a discount within the IRS.

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