Whet Your Grilling app-etite!

Whet Your Grilling app-etite!
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Are you known as the Charcoal Queen? Or is the Char-minator a more fitting description of your grilling skills? Either way, it never hurts to have a little help to perfect your barbeque technique—and the taste of your food. Try the iPhone and Android apps on this list, originally compiled by iMore.com. 

Photo Cookbook—Barbeque Grilling 

This iOS app has 100 delicious recipes, each one beginning with a photograph and a guide to grill setup and temperature. Photo Cookbook offers inspiration and easy ideas.  

Grill It 

This app is available for iOS and Android devices and features illustrations and a wide range of recipes for beef, seafood, and vegetables. The recipes are simple, and the app offers a search option that lets you look for recipes by ingredient. 


The app the helps cooks who struggle with how long to cook their food. The app has a timer with preprogrammed information about cooking times for various foods. You can select an item and the app sets up the correct timer for you. It can even set multiple timers for different items at once. Another attractive feature is that the app integrates with Apple Watch. 

Steak Timer 

Although the app is limited to timing the cooking of steaks on the grill, it has options for doneness and thickness, and is ready to go with only one or two taps on your phone’s screen.  

BBQ Timer  

A free Android barbeque timer app with a special twist: it can show its timer counts on your phone’s lock screen so you can easily check your cooking progress. 

Green Egg Nation  

Useful for grilling enthusiasts who love Japanese Kamado-style grills. The Green Egg Nation app is best for owners of Kamado grills made by the market leading brand Big Green Egg. It offers recipes from around the world with preparation instructions, cooking temperature and times.  

From timers to recipes, get a jumpstart on an awesome grilling season with help from these digital tools. They’re sure to whet your grilling app-etite!

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