Investing can be really tricky business, especially if you have no experience. Karla Dennis & Associates wants you to stay informed and educated about all the opportunities that are out there for you. Nowadays there is so much information online, you can research and prepare yourself to consider new and exciting business endeavors. If you are not familiar with real estate syndication click here before moving onto the rest of this blog.

As mentioned previously in our Real Estate Syndication blog, this process requires planners and investors to come together, make a deal, and invest in property. Below are the pros and cons of real estate syndication and of Self-Storage Syndication.

We want you to have a clear overview of the ins and outs of real estate syndication. Check out our photo diagrams to see the real estate syndication pros and cons.


As you can see, real estate syndication requires lots of research and information. If you have more questions or would like to talk to our team on how this process works, we offer free 30 minute consultations. Call us today for more information!