This article was originally publish in Yahoo Finance, and was written about Kenneth Dennis, our head of marketing here at Karla Dennis and Associates, Inc. Be sure to head on over to read the full article!

We often see huge investors and millionaires on television and media, however that kind of lifestyle seems only attainable for a certain group of people. The reason for this would be high business taxes and taxes on investments due to a lack of knowledge. This issue is one that many have, which is why Kenneth Dennis decided to spread the message of being tax compliant, while still using the tax code to reach your entrepreneurial dreams.

Like many other starting entrepreneurs, Kenneth had a great business idea but made a mistake that would eventually lead him to another direction. After finding a passion for Marketing, he realized he could use his family business to propel his love for marketing and business, having experienced it himself first hand. Along with his mother, Karla Dennis, they created a program especially for business owners called: Tax Reduction Program.

The Tax Reduction Programs aims to help business owners and entrepreneurs save thousands of dollars on taxes. These foolproof classes and presentations helped propel them into gaining a huge following and client base. The course is popular due to its ability to showcase how generational wealth is built and kept. Karla, being an investor and business owner herself, as firsthand experience in juggling and balancing all of these roles.

The program also teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to navigate their respective circles and finances to really take a hard look on what the technique is, and how they can apply it to themselves. Once that fear is gone, the ability to save money and thrive is opened.

To learn more about this program, visit the website here. We hope that if you find yourself limiting yourself or your business, take the time to analyze why, and set yourself up for success.