Achieving Supreme Health with Affirmations

Achieving Supreme Health with Affirmations

Achieving Supreme Health with Affirmations Many of us wish to lose weight or get into supreme health. Perhaps you’re concerned about your health and have made the decision to take better care of your body. Are there things you could be doing to be healthier? If so, you’re not alone! When you choose the right foods and exercise, you’ll look and feel better, reduce your stress levels, sleep more soundly, have more energy, and enjoy better health. Sometimes, though, making the right choices isn’t as easy as it sounds, is it? read...
Minimizing the Cost of Dating

Minimizing the Cost of Dating

Minimizing the Cost of Dating The cost of dating can really take its toll on your bank account. Dating is hard enough, but maybe even harder when you’re short on cash. Maybe you can barely afford to pay for your own fancy dinner and a movie; how are you going to pay for two? In most cases, women have it a little easier regarding the cost of a date. So for once, it’s all about you, guys! Try these ideas to keep more of your money in your pocket: It doesn’t matter where you take her. That doesn’t mean you can take her to the junkyard to pick car parts in the sweltering heat. But if she genuinely likes you, she’ll be happy to be with you. A pizza and a rented movie can be as good as anything else. The only women that would hold it against you are the women that aren’t really interested in you for you. In fact, keeping the spending to a minimum is a good way to weed out the women you don’t really want anyway. Cheap dating is actually a brilliant strategy. Have an inexpensive restaurant up your sleeve. Every guy should have an economical, but quaint, a restaurant he can fall back on. Your city is sure to have a little Italian or other ethnic restaurants that have a lot of charm. If you don’t have one yet, go find one. Free concerts / festivals. These are perfect. The atmosphere is great, and it’s hard to beat the cost. The first date should be quick (and inexpensive). For a first date,...

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