Need ideas on how to have a fun, safe holiday season? It is an understatement to say that this year has been hard. With covid-19 changing the trajectory of this year. We had an election and massive changes in the economy, business, and activities. This season may have also been especially difficult for children and students staying home for the majority of the year. In order to create a memorable holiday season, you may need to get creative!

Here are 5 tips for having a fun, safe holiday season:

#1: Make the most of holiday bakes and treats!

If you are anything like us, we love a good outing to get some much needed holiday treats and snacks. However, with more businesses offering take-out, it can be less fun this year. The days of sitting in a warm cafe are long gone this year. Baking cookies and treats with your family can be a great way to stay home and do activities you’ve never done before.

Baking nowadays can be so easy with the use of online recipes, videos, and even blogs! Bake some delicious chocolate chip cookies, or a pie. Have fun baking this season, but be sure to bake festive treats.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or other holidays, baking can be a great fun way to create connections. If you need some ideas or recipes, there are so many videos and online articles dedicated to holiday bakes!

#2: Have Holiday movie nights!

So many theaters have been closed this year due to covid-19. Although seeing huge Blockbuster movies is definitely missed, you can try to recreate it at home! Make sure to make a night of it and let your whole household know that Saturday night is a movie night! Although the movies may not be an option this year, having a safe holiday season doesn’t have to be boring!

Be sure to make some delicious popcorn and for some extra fun, drizzle it with white and dark chocolate swirls. One added benefit of having a movie night is that you can be in comfy clothes or pajamas. To make your movie night a Holiday event, be sure to watch a family favorite. Have everyone have their own bowls or packs of popcorn, and other movie snacks. If you are going out, try to buy some movie snacks at dollar stores to save on some bucks.

One thing is for sure, your popcorn and candy bill will sure be a lot cheaper at home! If you don’t own that many holiday movies, do not fear! Many cable news channels hold marathons that you can record and save for later! The most popular of course, being the 25 days of Christmas movies! 

#3: Have a Holiday zoom party!

If you have family that lives in other cities, states, or countries, this may be more common. However, this year, it’s safer to stay home and interact with family even if they live close. Just because we are aiming for a safe holiday season, doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Be sure to plan some Zoom games such as a Kahoot game that the whole family can join in on with their phones or tablets. Make the games holiday-themed and include everyone of all ages.

Do a talent show or show-and-tell for the kids to share their drawings or bakes. Be creative and have fun this season. It may not be an easy year, but finding small ways to have fun and make it special is important.

#4: Dress Up and Take Holiday Photos

Whether you’re going to send a Christmas card this year or not, have fun and make the most of being at home. Create your own set as a family and decide on a theme or outfit color scheme. Be creative and take photos of the whole family, even pets! Another great idea is to take some notes from the past and dress up!

In the past, families used to dress up in their best clothes for Christmas, so why not keep that tradition? This may be the first time in almost the whole year that you may dress up in your best clothes, but put on that tie or heels and make the most of your night! If you need a tutorial or tips on how to get started, click here! If you want to have a safe holiday season that is both memorable and covid-19 cautious, learn how to take your own family photos so there’s no risk involved!

#5: Play Christmas Games at home!

One of the BEST ways to keep your family entertained at home this holiday season is to play games at home. Keep the holiday spirit going by playing fun games with marshmallows, or tinsel. There are so many games you can find online that are fun for all ages.

Another classic option is to play lots of board games. Board games such as Life, Monopoly, Candyland, and Bounce-Off are all super fun games to play at home.

In order to have a safe holiday season, base your games at home and make every night a different game night. Some may get bored with board games, so include video games as well. You can always play on the Xbox or Playstation with your kids and learn about their games and interests. We have a lot of time this year to learn new things and experience more time at home with one another.

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