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Our mission is simple…

To protect our clients by helping them grow and sustain their wealth using the highest level of integrity, solid advice, and guaranteed investment products.



It is imperative that you protect your income and grow your wealth guaranteed. We offer a host of solutions to help you do that including: life insurance products with strategies based on your situation, guaranteed annuity products, long term care insurance, disability insurance, and retirement planning.

At Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ Wealth Solutions we have the solutions to your problems. It is our job to educate you and show you how to protect your wealth so you don’t lose it when life happens.



Life is getting real!
You have wealth questions, we have wealth solutions.

At Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ Wealth Solutions life gets real.

As a trusted advisor, clients come to us daily with situations requiring solid solutions that can be implemented now. These solutions have to be feasible so our clients can put them in place as life is happening.

In considering some of our most recent situations, you decide if Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ Wealth Solutions is the right fit for you.

  • For the client that comes to us and says “I am now growing my family and want to make sure if anything happens to me my wife can stay home and raise the family, not having to work” That family needs a great life insurance policy.
  • For the business owner that comes to us and says “My taxes are high and I need to put something away for my retirement.” Clearly there is a need for this client to get into a great IRA or retirement plan where they can get a tax deduction and not have to allocate a big portion to employees.
  • For the client that comes to us and says “My mother/father is getting older and he/she is going to have to be put in a home. How will I pay for it?” With long term care insurance you don’t have to worry about losing all of your wealth to pay for that care.
  • For the client that comes to us and says “My job has some risk or danger involved and I’m concerned about what will happen if I get hurt on the job.” Solid disability insurance is a great fit to provide the assurance that everything will be ok if an accident were to occur.
  • For the client that comes to us and says “I have just inherited/won/found/come across a large sum of money and don’t want to lose any of it.” Guaranteed annuity funds are a good fit for handling that large sum of money that falls into your lap unexpectedly OR expectedly.
  • For the client that comes to us and says “I don’t have a great deal of money, but I need to start saving so that I can retire.” A small but systematic monthly deposit that can be put away for guaranteed growth is right for that client.
  • For the client that says, “I can’t afford to lose any more money that I have saved.” This client needs to be invested in products that give him/her a guaranteed rate of return.

The Benefits to Using Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ Wealth Solutions

  1. One conversation, multiple solutions. You will have one conversation with your trusted tax advisor and from that one conversation, we have the ability to roll out multiple solutions to reduce your overall tax bill and grow your wealth.
  2. We provide wealth solutions based on current tax laws. With a deeply rooted understanding of tax laws, you can be certain that any strategies we implement are based on current laws. Whatever we do to build your wealth and lower your taxes, you will be thoroughly educated in the investments.
  3. We’re saving you time and your time is money. You won’t need multiple appointments with multiple advisors. At the end of the year, you won’t need to search for tax documents that pertain to your investments because we will have it ready and on file.
  4. We believe in client driven investments. We base your investments on your needs. We operate with integrity and a fiduciary responsibility. We receive commissions based on your investments, but our investments are based on the client needs because Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ business is based on multiple streams of income. We REFUSE to allow our clients to invest in anything that will not guarantee you a rate of return on your investments. It is proven time and time again that the best way to save is to invest your money and get a consistent return on your investment.
  5. You will be working with people you trust. You have already come to trust me, my knowledge, and my expert advice. Our team is solid, unified, and trustworthy. At Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™, it is all about the client and making sure they get exactly what they need by ensuring that you reduce your overall taxes and build your wealth in a tax savvy manner.
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