Tax Advantages for the Self-Employed

Tax Advantages for the Self-Employed
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Tax Advantages for the Self-Employed

There are some great tax advantages for the self-employed. Being self-employed allows for plenty of opportunities to minimize your taxable income by turning expenses you would have even if you weren’t self-employed into tax-deductible business expenses.

This article will give you some of the information you need to dramatically reduce your taxable income with a little work and planning.

Here are some of the great tax advantages for the self-employed.


  1. Home office.

This deduction is not the simplest one to pull-off. It is largely based on the honor system. But, you should be prepared to defend in the case of an audit. It is a deduction that is commonly attacked by the IRS because the requirements are difficult for many to maintain.

  • Basically, any square footage that is used both regularly and exclusively for your business is tax deductible. This would include that portion of your home’s rent / mortgage, property taxes, insurance, utilities and home maintenance. So if your office is 20% of your home’s square footage, you could deduct 20% of all of those expenses.


  1. Health insurance premiums.

This is technically a personal deduction. It is only available to the self-employed.If you are self-employed, but not eligible to enroll in your spouse’s health plan. Than you can deduct your premiums from your income. This would include health, dental and long-term care insurance.

  • This also applies to premiums paid for your spouse and dependents.

This is a nice deduction that can really add up. You have 2 options available:

  • Mileage method: You would simply keep track of the number of miles you drive. Keep your business miles separate from your personal. Then simply multiply the number of miles by the mileage rate provided by the IRS.
  • Actual Expense method: You will have to determine the percentage of your mileage. What was spent on business. Then multiply that percentage by the total expenses related to your automobile. This would include, gas, repairs, oil changes, and more.
  • Which method is best?

    The one that gives you the greatest deduction is best. In general, if you have an inexpensive car or a car that is paid off, then the mileage method is best. Otherwise, the actual expense method is usually the best.

  1. Entertainment and meals.

This expense is only deductible at 50%. Which, includes things like tickets to sporting events and the cost of a round of golf. You must be with a client or business partner and discuss some business. But this deduction can be used frequently with a little planning.

  1. Self-Employed retirement plans.

Contributions to self-employed retirement plans are tax deductible. This include retirement vehicles such as SEP-IRAs, solo 401(k)s, Keogh plans, and SIMPLE IRAs. In 2010, you could contribute up to 20% of your net income plus $16,500 to a solo 401(k). Based on the maximum allowable net income. That totals over $49,000 of contributions!

  • It really pays to be self-employed. When it comes to retirement deductions. Be sure you’re taking full advantage of your opportunities!

Being self-employed isn’t just about freedom from your boss and someone else’s time clock. It’s also about more freedom from the IRS. While this freedom isn’t complete. There are tax laws in place that really offer significant advantages to the self-employed.

Let the IRS help pay for your housing, car, food, entertainment, insurance, and retirement! It can take a little foresight and planning to really reap the benefits, but the benefits are certainly there.

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Karla Dennis, Tax Expert & Business Strategist

As seen in Forbes Magazine, Karla Dennis is an expert tax and business strategist. As an enrolled agent, Karla is licensed to represent taxpayers in all 50 states. She holds a Masters in Taxation and Business Development and is the author of two books, Tax Storm and Against the Odds.

Karla, the founder of consultancy firm Karla Dennis & Associates™, has saved her clients' thousands of dollars and has been featured in various media outlets such as Forbes, MSNBC, KTLA, Yahoo! Finance, and SmartMoney, marking her as the ultimate tax expert.

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