Michael Lubin our featured employee of the month.

Michael Lubin our featured employee of the month.
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Meet Michael Lubin, one of our KDA top accountants. He has recently become part of our family and KDA could not be happier to have him as part of our team. Michael is known for always striving for excellence and contributing to KDA standards with his work ethic. Get to know Michael a little more through this interview

Where did you grow up?

  • I grew up in the Inland Empire. I spent my younger years in Norco and the remainder were spent in Riverside.

What let you to becoming a CPA?

  • Majoring in accounting in college and later on getting a job with a CPA firm in Irvine.

What skill would you like to learn and why?

  • Right now, it’s how to do taxes with the Ultra-tax.

What was your first ever job?

  • A part-time job with a family business. I did invoicing for them. I was probably 19 then when I got that job. I only had to work a few hours a day which was pretty cool.

The Powerball jackpot is around $400 million right now. What would you do with this money if you won?

  • I would live off the interest.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever won?

  • Stuffed animal at the Orange County Fair.

What celebrity do you find the most annoying and why?

  • Gilbert Gottfried. He’s a stand-up comedian but he’s so annoying that every time I hear him, I just start laughing.

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever had?

  • Last summer, my daughters and I went to Santa Barbara to look at UCSB. One of my daughters wants to go to UCSB. We spent three days there and it was really cool.

Who are your role models and why?

  • The Dali Llama, Buddha and Jesus Christ. Because of their way of life and how they went about things.

What’s your favorite restaurant and what do you like to order there?

  • Del Taco and a bean and cheese burrito with extra cheese.

What’s your favorite quote?

  • Treat others the way you want them to treat you.



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