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Our mission is simple… To protect our clients by helping them grow and sustain their wealth using the highest level of integrity, solid advice, and guaranteed investment products, namely insurance.

It is imperative that you protect your income and grow your wealth guaranteed. We offer a host of solutions to help you do that including: life insurance products with strategies based on your situation, guaranteed annuity products, long term care insurance, disability insurance, and retirement planning.

At Karla Dennis and Associates, we have the solutions to your problems. It is our job to educate you and show you how to protect your wealth so you don’t lose it when life happens.

Life is getting real! You have questions, we have solutions.



Annuities are great investment products that can provide a guaranteed return.
If you are in the same situation as millions of Americans and simply cannot afford to lose money, you need to invest in guaranteed funds…

Disability Insurance

What would happen if you could no longer go to work?
What would happen if you could no longer earn income? Many of us don’t know what would happen. We haven’t thought about it…

Life Insurance

Most of us don’t think about life insurance until we are getting to the end of our life…
Life insurance is not just for the protection of your life. Life insurance is used for a variety of different reasons…

Long Term Care

Long term care insurance is nobody’s favorite topic…
Whether this discussion is about your parents as they age or you when you get older, you may need a lot of help…

Retirement Plan

Retirement planning is critical to your future, and it actually comes in two different parts.
The first part is addressing how to build your money up for retirement and the latter part is addressing how to take your money out when you are retired…

Free Insurance Review

Don’t wait! Be certain you have the right insurance for your situation!
With only a couple pieces of information from you we can do a full insurance review so that you can KNOW if your coverage is correct…
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