Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ Frequently Asked Questions

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Q?How much does it cost to prepare my tax returns with your firm?
A.  Our fees are very competitive especially in relation to our expertise.  Fees are typically earned with the tax savings you experience.  We charge based on the forms you are required to file. To receive an estimate, please contact (800) 878-4051.


Q?How do you accommodate clients who are out of state?
A.  Thanks to advance technology, we’re able to communicate with our clients via email, phone, Skype, GoToMeeting, teleconferences and cloud computing.  We specialize in current technologies!!!


Q?Are you a CPA firm?
A. No, we  are all EA or Enrolled Agent tax firm. Enrolled Agents have the designation by the U.S.  Treasury to prepare tax returns in all 50 states as well as represent taxpayers in audits or negotiate with any taxing agencies. This was done by design.  We are Tax Guru’s.


Q?Is your tax firm only open during tax season?
A. No, we are open year round. We are here for our clients even after the tax deadlines. We provide additional services; such as, bookkeeping, payroll, Strategic Tax Planning,  business consulting, interim CFO.


Q?I’m having difficulty in compiling my tax documents can you please help?
A. We have tax organizers that will help you gather your tax data.  In addition, we are so use to seeing data in various forms, you can just put it in a box and send it to us.  We will get it all sorted and advise as to what you need to do.


Q?Do I still need a CPA if I would with your firm?
A. CPA’s are excellent to use when you need Certified Financial Statements.  Most business owners do not need Certified Financial Statements any more.   This is very rare.  Most need reviewed Financial statements which is what we can prepare for you.   If you need Certified financial Statements, we have a relationship with a firm that will prepare them from our records for a lot less.  If you are looking for tax professionals with demonstrated tax expertise, then Enrolled Agents are the way to go.


Q?We heard Karla Speak and we love her presentation, will we work with Karla directly?
A. Karla has built a firm based on a team approach.  You will have interaction with Karla but all your work will not be done by Karla.  Karla has hired a team of professionals whom she looks up  to for advice.  She believes in the Bill Gates Theory of hiring people smarter than yourself.  Our entire team will round table on your situation and get you the best possible tax, business or accounting advice and situation.


Q?What does your firm specialize in?
A. Our firm is unique.  We believe in looking at the whole person’s issue and pulling it all together for them.  We specialize in strategically reducing your out of pocket money by lowering your individual and or business taxes coupled with providing business owners with cutting edge business strategy.  Our CEO has run Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ and multiple companies very successfully.   Her knowledge base is expansive and significantly amplified with our team.


Q?If I work with you, will I get regular feed back?
A. We always hear from new prospects that their last accountant never called them.  At KDA, we have customer service coordinators that stay with you throughout your relationship with us.  They are assigned to your account to make certain you get the best service you deserve.  We call weekly with follow ups. We recap our conversations with email and we all so ask that you schedule 4 appointments a year with us at a minimum. We love our clients and communication is the key.


Q?If I hire your firm to represent me in an audit or to do strategic tax planning ,can I keep my own accountant I have known for year?
A. Of course you can.  What you may not know is Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ is contracted by several CPA firms who do not represent their own clients or who are not as well versed in the tax law like our firm.  We will work with your CPA or accountant and provide them with a solution to your tax problem or a strategy they can implement to lower your taxes.  We believe in the power of relationships.


Q?How do you represent clients that live in other states when you are in California?
A. Our firm is very well known in the representation industry and Is one of the largest representation firms.  We are extremely good at what we do and our representation work comes by referrals or by other CPA’s  who do not represent their clients.  We do note advertise for representation services..  Thus, because of the  vast knowledge we bring our  potential clients,  they  are usually willing to fly us to their locations to resolve their tax matter.  If we get involved early enough in the case, we can change the venue to where we are located. The third option is always technology such as phones and fax.  We have represented  clients in tax problems as  far as New York, Hawaii and Utah  to say the least.
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