Bookkeeping Service: Looking at the Big Picture

Bookkeeping Service: Looking at the Big Picture
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Your bookkeeping service wants to make sure that you get the most out of your money in a business. They can help you understand where you money is going so you will be able to make better use of your cash flow. If you want your business to succeed, there are three big picture items your bookkeeping service can help you analyze.

Tax Strategy

While your bookkeeping service will not be responsible for filling out your taxes, they can provide your CPA with the necessary information that you need to establish a concrete tax plan. If you don’t take care of the receipts, payments, and expenditures, you are going to have a hard time establishing a truly effective tax strategy.

Available Funds

Your bookkeeping service is also not a marketing specialist. They are not the people that put together a marketing plan, but they can help you understand how much money you can put into advertising. There really is no way to establish a marketing budget unless you understand exactly what kinds of funds are available.


Forecasting your budgets can be a lot easier if you have a good bookkeeping service on your side. They can let you know the bills that you will be responsible for during the next fiscal year. Even keep you up to date on employee wages. A good accountant can even let you know where other money is going. When an accountant knows this information they can give you a better idea where your money can be moved.
For instance, if you find that you are putting more than 20 percent of your budget into marketing, you may find that cutting back some of those costs might actually help you to get the improvements to your business.

These improvements might get you more business than marketing could, in some instances. That is information you would never have without a good bookkeeping service helping you to see the big picture of all of your financial goals.

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Karla Dennis, Tax Expert & Business Strategist

As seen in Forbes Magazine, Karla Dennis is an expert tax and business strategist. As an enrolled agent, Karla is licensed to represent taxpayers in all 50 states. She holds a Masters in Taxation and Business Development and is the author of two books, Tax Storm and Against the Odds.

Karla, the founder of consultancy firm Karla Dennis & Associates™, has saved her clients' thousands of dollars and has been featured in various media outlets such as Forbes, MSNBC, KTLA, Yahoo! Finance, and SmartMoney, marking her as the ultimate tax expert.

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