Save The Most Money This 2020 Tax Season
Save the most money possible next year with our 2020 tax saving bundle that will educate you with all the tools you need to put the most money back in your pocket and set your self, and investments up for maximum profitability!
What Is Included In The Tax Bundle
The real estate summit features 6 top talent real estate professionals who break down real estate from A to Z. Whether you’re a real estate investor already or aspire to be: the information provided is in a clear and simple way so you are able to learn about everything you need to know when it comes to investing in real estate!
Understand WHAT has changed and HOW. Although there are incredible new opportunities, they are not automatic. If you don't know what's different, then you won't get the savings you deserve. Our TRH Program will teach you what you need to know for this upcoming tax season.
Would you like to turn a 50K investment into a $10,000/mo tax-sheltered income for life? How about trading up without paying taxes and having the opportunity to leave a legacy for your children? Through their own experiences, Karla Dennis and Kathleen Kramer will explain how.
2020 Will bring more IRS audits than any other time in history. You need to know how the IRS works so you can maximize your deductions while still protecting yourself from audits. Give yourself security and peace this tax season and act now.
Stop Overpaying
Uncle Sam
Our 2020 Tax bundle will give you all the tax secrets you need to keep the most money possible in your pocket this tax season. Live the life you always dreamed of and do it with the most cash possible in your wallet.
Take your investment to
the next level
Learn About Real Estate And How To Invest "Karla Dennis has spoken about taxes, and real estate investments with people all over the country, and what they should do once equipped with the info." - Forbes Magazine
Experience taxes like a Hero
With Tax Reform Hero you are able to understand the New Tax Laws and how they affect you & your business with this easy to follow program. Created by America's Top Tax Professional Karla Dennis, with this program you will gain quick access and knowledge to all the changes. Karla has gone through line by line the 73,853 pages of the tax code so you don't have to.Taxes are confusing for a reason. The government benefits from you not knowing the laws.
Individual Reform
Learn where you can find hidden tax breaks you had no clue you could access
Business In A Weekend
Learn how to start a business quickly & create a profitable business model.
Business Reform
Uncover tax-saving opportunities if you’re a Business Owner, Self-employed or 1099.
Tax Reform Opportunities
Learn the opportunities that you can use to lower your taxable income
Time is running out
Don't miss out
The Best Deal Ever

Tax Bundle

  • Real Estate Summit Video - 2hrs
  • Tax Reform Hero - Training Modules
  • Retire With Rental Income - 2hrs
  • IRS Audit Protection Training - 1 hr
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