Why is it important to prioritize your health? How can you start? This year has been especially hard on health, so the last thing we may feel like doing is prioritizing our health. Working from home and a pandemic has made it hard to prioritize your health. Health has been on everyone’s mind these days, and for good reason!

It’s never been more important to be proactive about your health. However, we cannot forget our initial health that comes with eating right, drinking water, and taking care of our physical and mental health. Start with this list of tips to incor­porate more healthful habits into your life:

Drink more water

It’s just a fact, water is the healthiest drink out there. So, ditch the caffeinated beverages and pour a cold glass of H20. Add some lemon for added flavor and a squeeze of vitamin C. Water is good for your body, skin, and overall daily energy. It may seem like such a boring solution to health, but water really is a game-changer. Why bother with sugary drinks and sodas when you can hydrate your body and feel good afterward.

There are apps that you can download that remind you to drink water and keep track of your water intake. Some of these apps are even fun and make you want to drink more water in order to gain points. Here is an example of a popular, fun app that helps you drink more water! This app is a fun way to keep your virtual plants alive while also keeping track of your water intake. 

Take your vitamins and supplements

While you may have your own mix, important in most diets are multi-vitamins, vitamin D, and fish oil. Of course, always check with your doctor before taking any new vitamin or supplement. You may realize you’re low on vitamin D or iron? Taking supplements or vitamins can really be a pick me up and can help you feel stronger and better!

Prioritize your health by walking daily

If you have been working from home, then this season has been especially hard on, but you must prioritize your health. So yes, that means working out. However, working out doesn’t have to mean running 5 miles or doing an intense program online. Movement is key to good health, and a simple walk is one of the best exercises. Getting outside is another important aspect of the mind-body connection so be sure to exercise outdoors when you can. In other words: Take a hike!

Practice preventative maintenance

There are many measures of good health. Be sure to keep an eye on key indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, vitamin D levels, iron levels, vitamin B12 levels, blood sugar, and others discussed with your physician. Being proactive by getting regular check-ups is another way to ward off unexpected ills. Many offices this season with Covid-19 have been seeing cutbacks or layoffs because most folks don’t want to visit the doctor’s office due to the Covid-19 risk. However, in order to prioritize your health, your body still needs its regular check-ups and updates!

Find your balance

It is important to keep stress levels low and your work-life balance calibrated to be productive and at peace. Too much stress can create health problems and make you more prone to illness. If this pandemic (0r election season) has been causing you stress, take care of your inside too. Mental health is a huge factor and can even affect our physical bodies. Be sure to see a therapist or counselor if you feel like you need to talk to someone about how you’ve been feeling. Prioritizing your health also means making sure your mind is healthy as well.


The most important way to prioritize your health: Sleep well

Our bodies need adequate sleep. In fact. good sleep is one of the most important things we can do to maintain proper health. Be sure to stay off your laptop or phone before going to bed in order to give your mind some time to unwind. Even though this tip gets said a lot, research shows that it’s all accurate Make sure you give yourself time to unwind and do not eat too much or drink any caffeinated beverages before bed. So prioritize your health now, by setting down your electronics before bedtime. If you need help with a sleep schedule, we got you!

These are just a few basic, but important. pre­ventative health tips that you can use to keep your body, mind, and spirit in tip-top shape all year long.