Supporting small business this year seems like the least of our worries! With everything going on, it seems like we’re all just waiting for things to go back to normal. However, it is quickly looking like we will be navigating the pandemic for the rest of the year, and all we can do is stay afloat.

If we want normalcy and eventual resolution, we need to make sure to play a part in making sure everything can go back to normal. Part of how we can feel like we are helping and creating change is by helping small businesses! Supporting small business during this season is one way that we can assure that our favorite local spots are here to stay! 

Supporting small business means: Buying Take-Out and Supporting Restaurants 

Part of helping out our local businesses is also staying safe and doing our role in the pandemic. A great way to stay safe, get delicious food, and help out your community is buying getting take out. Most restaurants are now having either discounts or specials on take-out orders, so take advantage of these offers and give yourself a break from quarantine cooking.

Buying from local restaurants helps your community and whoever that small business owner is, and the employees working there. If we desire to go back to normal, continue where we left off, and live our best lives, than supporting small business can help. Treat yourself and your family to some delicious food in the comfort of your own home. 

Shop Local! 

It may seem tempting to buy that item on Amazon, but do yourself and your community a favor by heading out and buying local. Many small businesses are doing curbside pickup and are handling their services with extra care and precaution. We want our cities and communities to be able to make it out of this time and thrive. The only way that can happen is for us to take the initiative and be intentional in where our money goes.

So, how can you really shop local? By spending that money on your local shop, grocery store, or local service- you’re putting your money where it matters most. Shopping local and supporting small business doesn’t have to mean it’s more expensive either, there are plenty of ways to find good deals in areas our your home. Sure, delivery is convenient and fast, but so is getting the item that same day, and putting money well spent back into your community. Shop at your local farmer’s market, mall, convenience store, bookstore and more! 

Shop Family and Friends Business!

Many of us know or have family or friends who sell or make items online through Etsy, Facebook, or Instagram. Many folks use these outlets to be creative and make money on the side. Although it can be annoying to get cash and find a time to meet up or pick up from them, it can make a difference in their lives. Often, we spend money without intention and don’t feel the need to support local artists, cooks, makers, and creators.

If you are going to shop or spend money on things you know someone in your circle could make, why not give them the shot? At the same time, you can promote their services or goods and lead them to other customers. Some of the best cupcakes we ever had were from a local bakery in our community! You never know until you try it!


Supporting small business can be made easy when we look at the bigger picture. We hope you take some of these steps into consideration, and we thank you for supporting our own small business! If you have any tips or suggestions yourself, leave them in the comments below! If you need covid-19 tips for your own business, click here!