This Fourth of July is a great way to unwind and reflect on the last six months. We’ve been through a pandemic and lots of social and racial upheavals. Many folks have been unemployed or working fewer hours. Many of us have been working from home and have been self quarantined for many months. Fourth of July is a great way to be thankful for our Country, path, and freedom. Take this time to reflect and enjoy the Fourth of July 2020.

Reflect on what you’ve learned from the past few months. 

There are plenty of learning lessons we can take from this year thus far. Karla always says, never take a loss, but learn from it. This year has been extremely tough for many Americans, but we are resilient and stay strong through any circumstance. Take this time to reflect and learn from how you can better prepare your finances, family, and yourself in the case of another unforeseen circumstance. 

Enjoy the moment and let go of built-up stress 

Take this weekend to let go of all your stress and anguish. It can be challenging to take a breather and let go of all the stress and problems of the last year; however, take this time to enjoy the small moments. Fourth of July is a great way to bring in the summer and spent some time with your family at home or outdoors. Take a trip and get away from your regular schedule. Relax and set aside your worries for the weekend. It is important to reset and recharge yourself to continue for yourself and your family. 

KDA wants to wish you a Happy Fourth of July, and we hope you can pick up the pieces and thrive this year. We motivate everyone to work hard for themselves, family, business, work, and careers. At the same time, we want you to recognize the need for breaks, mental health, and time off. Recharging is just as important as hard work. Have a safe, fun Fourth of July.