KDA is here to remind you that due to Covid-19, the tax deadline was moved back to July 15th, which is only a few days away! Here is what you need to know about the 2020 Tax Extension Deadline:

Individual Tax Returns are due July 15th 2020! If you have not done so, and think you may need an extension, if you get extended the date for you will now be October 15th.

Tax Extension How To:

If you need to request a tax extension, your best option is to fill out the proper forms and get that done ASAP! The form is called, Form 4868. This form will allow you an extension with the IRS to file.

Filing vs. Paying:

Filing time is different from paying on taxes. The IRS extended this pay period till July 15th, but no longer. Meaning that, if you owe the IRS money, it’s going to be time to pay up real soon!

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