It’s a brand new decade! Are you ready to make the most of each day? If you need a little help to live in the moment, try these tips:

Rejuvenate each day
Take a little time (5-10 minutes) to relax and reflect quietly before bed. This practice can help you sleep more soundly and keep your emotions well-tuned.

Wake up early
Getting up early allows you time for a healthy, wholesome breakfast, and to ease into your day.

Smile more
Smiling programs your brain to think positively and enjoy the little things.

Read something uplifting
There are so many negative stories out there…try reading a fun book or some affirmations each day.

Set daily goals
They don’t have to be big, and they shouldn’t be work-related. For example, set a goal to compliment five people today. You’ll be surprised at what a difference in your mood small gestures of kindness can make!

Do something new each day
Don’t let a day go by without expanding your skills or discovering something new—whether it is a restaurant, a new hiking path or a song—seek out little moments of excitement each day.

Express yourself
One of the most important ways to be in the moment is to get creative. Practice the activities that help you express your inner passions—from sports to your favorite hobby. And then make time to do it.

Focus on the good
We all have bad days, but focusing on the positive makes the negative easier to deal with. It also helps you identify the things that make you happy so you can spend more time doing them.

Do what you truly want
We all must make choices about how we spend our time. If you identify obligations that you can eliminate from your schedule to open up more time for the things you love…then do it! It’s important to do things that are meaningful and fulfilling to you.

Be patient with others
While it sometimes takes energy to be patient and spread kindness, the reward is much greater than any initial discomfort. Being patient and kind simply means you need to be aware of how your actions affect others. And we all have that in us!