Hello everyone my name is Karla Dennis and I am the CEO of Cohesive Tax Services thank you for your time today. I use this blog to keep small business owners and individuals thinking about their tax strategy and preparation in order to keep the most amount of money in their pocket. If you are facing a tax problem or simply want to better prepare for April 15th please contact me at my office or visit my website to learn how we can help you with all of your tax and bookkeeping needs.

Today I wanted to talk with small business owners about the importance of having an accounting strategist. This is probably a new term for most but it is someone who will mentor you in order to increase revenue and streamline expenses. A true accounting strategist will brainstorm with you on ways to make your current and future business more efficient in order to keep the most amount of money in your pocket. If an accountant is simply entering data for you it could be a waste of time and money. A real tax accounting strategist is going to work with business owners to provide tips and advice on how to improve their day to day business. For example if your accountant is noticing an increase in revenue during a certain part of the year may be you are not aware of this information. By analyzing your books an accounting strategist can work with you to determine what was so special about that time period and how we can extend it over the course of the year. I want to challenge all business owners out their to change how they look at their bookkeeping and accounting. If your bookkeeping and accounting haven’t changed in the last few years you should be looking at ways to improve ASAP.

If you have questions or to get started on your accounting strategy visit my website and contact me today. At Cohesive Tax we are not here to do the bare minimum but instead want to push you to the next level.