Here are some great ways to safeguard your tax information:

Scan files before filing:

Run a full system scan of your computer before you do your taxes.
This will give you a better chance to find something that got past your anti-virus protection.

Keep in mind that fraud issues are not necessarily found in the site at which you file your taxes. Programs “malware” (malicious software) may already be in the computer, which then opens your personal and financial information to cyber criminals.

Get e-security

Be sure you understand how e-filing of tax products keeps your data safe.

The online version of certain tax software stores your tax information to the firewall-protected server and can be accessed with a username and password.

If you use the desktop version, the data is downloaded and stored on your computer.

Data files stored on your computer are automatically encrypted. They also encourage customers to use a password for the file data.

Turn off file sharing

File-sharing programs such as LimeWire should be off, so that the files on your computer are not visible to other users on the Internet. When installing a file-sharing program like LimeWire, the program automatically allows your music to be shared with anyone on the internet; not just music, almost any file, including Word documents and Adobe PDF files.

Make sure your antivirus software is up to date, but remember that your antivirus program will not be able to find any malicious software on your computer.

Free is better

Take advantage of electronic filing of taxes.

The IRS has stated that their system of electronic tax returns has never been subject to a security breach.

Millions of returns were electronically submitted since 1986 without incident.

Do not rely solely on government or any other source in order to protect your data. You need to be diligent.

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