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Mid- Year Must Dos

Share This: As hard as it is to believe, the year is already more than half over. Although the April tax deadline was just a few short months ago, the reality is it’s time to start thinking about your 2018 taxes—especially now that tax reform changes are going into effect. Plus, if you spend some…

What is Your Spending Persona?

Share This:A lot of us see ourselves as rational decision makers when it comes to spending money. But the truth is that many of us have emotional attachments to how much we spend—and what we spend our money on. So what is your spending persona? Check out these motivations related to spending money from savingadvice.com to find…

A Pain in the Office: Ergonomic Tips to Avoid it

Share This:Neck and back pain, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other aches and pains can take a toll on your productivity while also raising the costs of healthcare for your staff and your company. Fortunately, help is here with these ergonomic tips from Ergonomics Plus. Top TEN Office Ergonomic Tips 1. Support the weight of…

Summer Tax Tips For Your Family

Share This:When school’s out for the summer, it often means a change in your family’s schedule. Whether the kids are off to summer camp, or you decide to combine work travel with a family vacation, there are plenty of tax deductions to be had. We cover them below: Summer day camp or day care Your…

The Sauce is BOSS

Share This:While barbecue is a food genre in its own right, there’s nothing that says summer quite like meat hot off the grill or straight out of the smoker. What you serve your meat with is up to you, but Thrillist.comhas some specific sauce recommendations here. We’ve rounded up these tips to help you augment your…

How Much Should You Save?

Share This: How Much Should You Save? Saving money—it’s the cornerstone of your long-term financial health, and it can help you weather short-term monetary setbacks. How much is enough to save each month and where should you allocate it? We offer advice from financial experts here: Divide the 20% to address emergency savings and erasing…

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