A Pain in the Office: Ergonomic Tips to Avoid it

A Pain in the Office: Ergonomic Tips to Avoid it
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Neck and back pain, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other aches and pains can take a toll on your productivity while also raising the costs of healthcare for your staff and your company. Fortunately, help is here with these ergonomic tips from Ergonomics Plus.

Top TEN Office Ergonomic Tips

1. Support the weight of your arms when seated to avoid stressing the muscles of your neck and shoulders.

2. Keep the weight of your head directly above your neck and avoid pushing your head and neck forward.

3. Don’t slouch! It puts more pressure on the discs and vertebrae of your back. Use the lumbar support of your chair and avoid leaning one way or the other. Keep as close to your work as possible and avoid leaning and reaching.

4. Place your computer monitor directly in front of you with the top no higher than eye level. Keep your keyboard directly in front of the monitor and avoid turning your head and neck.

5. Do not talk on the phone with the receiver between your neck and ear—ever.

6. Keep your keyboard and mouse close together to prevent excessive reaching, which can lead to shoulder and arm strain.

7. Be kind to your eyes by making sure that your monitor is at least an arm’s length away.

8. Control screen glare by keeping your monitor away from windows or a bright background.

9. Give your eyes a break periodically by looking at objects at a distance for several seconds.

10. Never let your feet dangle when seated. Put a foot rest under your desk or lower your chair to avoid pressure on the backs of your legs.

Having pain in the office is no way to spend your day. Try these tips and research other ergonomics best practices to keep you and your team productive and feeling great.

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Karla Dennis, Tax Expert & Business Strategist

As seen in Forbes Magazine, Karla Dennis is an expert tax and business strategist. As an enrolled agent, Karla is licensed to represent taxpayers in all 50 states. She holds a Masters in Taxation and Business Development and is the author of two books, Tax Storm and Against the Odds.

Karla, the founder of consultancy firm Karla Dennis & Associates™, has saved her clients' thousands of dollars and has been featured in various media outlets such as Forbes, MSNBC, KTLA, Yahoo! Finance, and SmartMoney, marking her as the ultimate tax expert.

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